Kurt Stevenson stepping down from Board of Education

Kurt Stevenson stepping down from Board of Education

The Ottawa Grade School Board of Education is looking for someone to fill a vacancy left by Kurt Stevenson.

Stevenson didn’t have a comment on why he is stepping down, but was presented with a Board of Education Salute at Tuesday’s meeting.

Superintendent Cleve Threadgill says that Stevenson helped the board make more efficient use of technology during meetings.

Threadgill also says he learned a lot about finance from Stevenson.

Stevenson was appointed to a seat on the board in 2013 and was elected to the job in 2015.

He was on the board for over five years.

It’s now up to Board of Education to decide who will fill the one year left in Stevenson’s term.

Anyone interested should check oes141.org in the coming days for more information.

Threadgill wants to have all applications in by June 1.