County mulling landfill regulations

County mulling landfill regulations

Anyone wanting to open a clean construction or demolition debris landfill in LaSalle County could have to deal with some additional regulations.

Owners of two clean landfills near Sheridan are being sued by the Illinois Attorney General for allowing not certified clean waste at the sites.

However, Environmental Services and Land Use Director Brian Gift says the county proposal to increase regulations on clean landfills isn’t related to those.

The new ordinance is similar to a law being proposed by Morris State Senator Sue Rezin. It requires regular testing of groundwater and that landfill companies put money aside for cleanup.

Ottawa Democrat Tom Walsh took issue with the ordinance because it would allow asphalt to be put in clean landfills. Studies have found certain chemicals in asphalt increase the risk of cancer.

The vote on the ordinance was tabled to give board members more time to look it over.