LaSalle County hires lawyer for opioid-related lawsuits

LaSalle County hires lawyer for opioid-related lawsuits

The LaSalle County Board is authorizing the State’s Attorney’s Office to hire someone to represent the county in opioid-related lawsuits.

Princeton Attorney Mellissa Sims works with New York-based firm Sanders, Phillips, Grossman, LLC on its Opioids Task Force.

She says that towns and counties are banding together against opioid makers and distributers that allegedly flooded the market with the drugs.

Sims says she had to send a Freedom of Information Act request to Illinois to find out that some 35-million doses of prescription opiods were sold in LaSalle County from 2011-2016.

WCMY News hasn’t been able to verify that number.

The county board approved a resolution declaring opioid use in LaSalle County a serious public health and safety crisis and nuisance.

Coroner William Wujek says there have been 18 overdose deaths in the county this year.