NICKELVANA!  The best trolling music story ever!

NICKELVANA! The best trolling music story ever!

How many people do you know that like both Nirvana and Nickelback?  I know a few, but not many.  Nirvana is highly recognized as one of the most influential bands in the last 30 years.  Nickelback…not so much.  They’re commonly the butt of jokes and made fun of by us snobby, ‘the bands I like are better than your bands’ rockers (myself included).  But I think this story is hilarious!  Especially this ridiculous picture with Chad photo-shopped in with the remaining members of Nirvana.

Someone on Facebook created an event for NICKELVANA, a Nirvana reunion show with Chad Kroeger replacing Kurt to happen on New Years Day.  The comments on the event page are great, varying from those in on the joke, to those who are butt-hurt that this was even suggested.  Lighten up snobs.