Incumbent Treasurer says opponent’s finances don’t add up

Incumbent Treasurer says opponent’s finances don’t add up

Democratic LaSalle County Treasurer candidate Nikki Baer says it’s a non-issue that her campaign is spending at a $7,000 deficit in a recent Illinois State Board of Elections filing.

The filing was posted Monday by Incumbent Republican Treasurer Jim Spelich. He says that Baer’s campaign finances don’t add up.

But Baer says she plans on making a lump-sum payment to pay for the campaign later.

Baer says that’s normal during a campaign.

According to her, a 2016 filing from Spelich’s campaign shows that he also paid for his own campaign to the tune of $19,000. Baer says that Spelich hadn’t filed paperwork with the board of elections so there wasn’t a way of knowing his campaign’s finances.

Nikki Baer

Tuesday afternoon, paperwork was filed on the board of elections website to reactivate Spelich’s campaign committee with a fund balance of $46, plus $4,000 from Spelich and another $1,000 from Friends of Adam Kinzinger.

WCMY is awaiting comment from Spelich.