Baer files amended campaign finance report

Baer files amended campaign finance report

Incumbent Republican County Treasurer Jim Spelich says he posted Democratic candidate Nikki Baer’s campaign quarterly spending report on social media to point out that it’s against the rules to show a negative spending balance.

Baer’s report showed a $7,000 deficit which she said was money she was personally going to put into the campaign.

Matt Dietrich with the Illinois State Board of Elections says you can’t do that.

Baer says it was an oversight on her part.

Dietrich says in this case it was an accounting error. Instead of reporting the $7,000 as a deficit it has to be reported as debt owed by the campaign to Baer because she donated funds.

He says the rule is there to ensure that candidates are being transparent with their funding.

An updated version of Baer’s quarterly report was filed Wednesday morning.