ROOTS with ROBB:  Exile on Main Street

ROOTS with ROBB: Exile on Main Street

The first Thursday of every month Robb Hasty, your Farmer’s Insurance Agent on Main Street and I discuss a classic album, and when it comes to choosing an album from the Stones, there are several choices that jump to mind.  Exile isn’t my favorite Stones album (right now it’s toss up between Let it Bleed and Sticky Fingers), but Exile is a darn good double-album chalked-full of dirty, bluesy, drug-induced rock and roll.  It’s also the album critics and hipsters usually will cite as their masterpiece.

Even though Exile is known as ‘Keith’s masterpiece,’ we chose a Mick Taylor tune for our Roots song.

One thing about the Stones, it’s HARD to get your guitar to sound like them.  Keith often uses a 5 string guitar, and they used different tunings as well.  Here’s a great tutorial on how to play that sweet, dirty riff.