County wants money back from AT&T

County wants money back from AT&T

LaSalle County is stuck paying for a main phone line that it doesn’t use.

Director of Information Technology John Haag says the county recently switched from a Centrex phone system to a Mitel phone system to save money and update things.

AT&T is the service provider, but hasn’t updated the bill for the new, less expensive phone system.

Haag says AT&T won’t revisit the billing until the County Health Department is added to the new Mitel System which means the county is on the hook for the time being for the old billing price.

Haag is hoping AT&T will reimburse the county via phone bill credit once things are resolved for what he says is incorrect billing.

The County Finance Committee discussed it Tuesday.

Update: An AT&T spokesman told WCMY News Friday he’s looking into the issue.