ROOTS with ROBB:  Smashing Pumpkins (aka Mr. Corgan’s Wild Ride)

ROOTS with ROBB: Smashing Pumpkins (aka Mr. Corgan’s Wild Ride)

Maybe Mr. Corgan’s wild ride isn’t the right aka.  Maybe Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Corgan is more appropriate since the band is really a tale of two different Pumpkins, the PRE- Mellon Collie, and what followed.  We heavily focused on the PRE, which is (in our opinion) the classic Pumpkins, and Billy Corgan (with an assist from Jimmy Chamberlain) at his finest.  Poor James Iha and D’Arcy.  If you missed the live broadcast of ROOTS, you have to listen to Robb’s story of what happened at a Pumpkins show in ’94 that changed his opinion and feelings towards the band.

We chose a deeper cut for our Roots song of the day.  It covers all of the best features of the Pumpkins: amazing guitar tone, beautiful ballad, emotion, and very grandiose.  Oh to be at the Metro for this show back in ’93.

As always, thanks to Robb Hasty from Farmer’s Insurance for sponsoring and co-hosting the show!

Here’s ten more Shap & Robb approved Pumkins tunes:

  • Cherub Rock (Siamese Dream)
  • Pissant (Pisces Iscariot)
  • Rhinoceros (Gish)
  • 1979 (Mellon Collie — Robb’s pick.  I’m not a fan)
  • Starla (Pisces Iscariot)
  • Drown (Singles Soundtrack)
  • Geek U.S.A. (Siamese Dream)
  • Tristessa (Gish)
  • Muzzle (Mellon Collie)
  • Silverf*ck (Siamese Dream)

Sure, there’s a handful of other songs we could’ve listed (particularly from Gish and Siamese Dream) but this is what we came up with.  If you have Google Music, listen to the playlist.

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