ROOTS with ROBB:  Maroon 5

ROOTS with ROBB: Maroon 5

With the Big Game this weekend, we figured it was high time to do roots on the Halftime entertainment, Maroon 5.  Maroon 5 is a polarizing group.  They’re extremely popular, and extremely disliked, but I think the folks that dislike them would probably like them more if they listened to the right stuff by the band.  Their debut album Songs about Jane had more depth and rock than what they’ve now become…a polished to shine pop machine.  And Adam Levine uses his looks and the attention he gets from ‘The Voice,’ very well.  What many people don’t give him enough credit for is his great range as a vocalist, AND his dynamic guitar playing, which he doesn’t really show too often anymore.  Here’s hoping he picks up a strap on Sunday.

Our Roots song of the Day:

And to show you Adam’s a bad ass guitar player, check this out!

and to show off his range, here he is with bandmate Jessie Carmichael and Pearl Jam’s Stone Gossard performing at the Chris Cornell ‘I Am the Highway’ tribute show.

Next week, it’s the Roots of the classic Fleetwood Mac Album, Rumours.  Catch up on previous episodes of Roots below!