LaSalle County officials begin selling the sales tax increase

LaSalle County officials begin selling the sales tax increase

With early voting underway and Election Day less than three weeks off, some LaSalle County officials are making the pitch for a sales tax increase that’s on the ballot. It would add 0.25% to sales tax charges, with the money to go to public safety.

Sheriff Tom Templeton says it would help him keep people on the job, not hire more. It would also help fund the coroner’s office, jail, state’s attorney’s office, courthouse security, public defender, and emergency management.

County officials say they’re still dealing with depressed real estate values leading to lower property tax revenues, money diverted to tax increment financing districts, and ever increasing health insurance costs. The tax wouldn’t apply to motor vehicles, groceries, and medicine.

There was a mix of reactions from members of the public in an audience at Illinois Valley Community College last night.

A man asks a question at IVCC during an info session on the sales tax on the ballot.

The tax, if approved, would raise about $2.5 million per year.

County officials plan more talks about the sales tax next week.
– Wednesday, March 20 at 7pm at Bruce Township Hall in Streator
– Thursday, March 21 at 7pm at Main Street Bar in Mendota

LaSalle County Board Finance and Fee Committee Chairman Brian Dose leads a discussion about the county’s finances at IVCC on March 14, 2019.