Roundabout intersection coming to Utica

Roundabout intersection coming to Utica

There could be single-lane roundabout at Route 6 and Route 178 in Utica next year.

In a roundabout intersection, drivers follow a circular path and exit on whatever street they need. Instead of stop signs there are yield signs. So, provided no one is coming, traffic doesn’t need to stop completely.

Illinois Department of Transportation Location and Environmental Engineer David Alexander says a roundabout should help with traffic flow on Route 6.

He says there will be an adjustment period, but that accidents at roundabouts are less severe because of the speed and angle of the cars.

Roundabouts are also thought to be more efficient than stop sign or traffic light-controlled intersections.

Alexander says a roundabout won’t do much to speed up traffic on busy holiday weekends when thousands of people are heading to Starved Rock State Park, but should help during the week.