ROOTS with ROBB: Radiohead!

ROOTS with ROBB: Radiohead!

Radiohead is a band that fought through the buzz band label, and ‘that band with that one song (Creep),’ and have come out the other side with a legion of fans.  Of course there’s many others who feel they’re just critical darlings, and to those folks, I’d ask, have you listened to the Bends, OK Computer or Kid A?  For that three album stretch (95-00), there were few, if any at their level.  Post Kid-A, they got a little too weird for me, although In Rainbows is a really solid album.  Tomorrow, Radiohead will get inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame by David Byrne, fitting since they’re name comes from a Talking Heads song.  Of course, Thom Yorke is declining to go.

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Our Roots song(s) of the Day:

Shap’s Radiohead picks:

One track off of OK Computer is too hard to pick, so why not enjoy the whole album live

and I can’t leave out this gem of a cover for any James Bond fan. Radiohead recorded this theme song for Spectre, although it went unused.  The producers opted for a Sam Smith song instead…ugh.   


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