Pritzker subject of federal probe

Pritzker subject of federal probe

Democratic Gov. J.B. Pritzker is the subject of a federal probe into a tax dodging scheme that dogged his gubernatorial campaign.

WBEZ radio in Chicago says a law-enforcement source confirmed the investigation that has been ongoing since October.

The investigation centers on Pritzker’s plan to remove toilets from a Chicago mansion in order to have it deemed uninhabitable for a tax break of around $330,000.

Pritzker paid the money back to Cook County.

He told reporters Wednesday that he’s not worried about the investigation.

Pritzker’s wife and brother-in-law are also said to be under investigation.

WBEZ story here!

EDIT: This story was updated to include Pritzker’s comment to reporter and that he paid back money to Cook County.
EDIT: Added the word Democratic in front of Gov. Pritzker’s name.