ROOTS with ROBB classic album:  WHO’S NEXT

ROOTS with ROBB classic album: WHO’S NEXT

‘It’s Only Teenage Wasteland!’  Nope.  It’s much more than that.  The Who’s most successful album is a conundrum of itself.  It originally was one of Pete Townshend’s greatest failures.  In the wake of the runaway success of ‘Tommy’ and in many rock critic’s opinions, the best live album of all time (Live at Leeds,) Pete went to work to try and create his next masterpiece, Lifehouse.  It was an audacious project of the band and audience becoming one, and plans to make it into a movie (who needs a Rock Opera) were attempted.  But since no one could understand Pete’s vision, it was scrapped.  He suffered a nervous breakdown and the band released the best songs from the aborted project as ‘Who’s Next.’  Hear more about the idea of Lifehouse, plus the inspiration, importance and the meaning oftoday’s Roots song of the day, ‘Baba O’Riley.’

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Our Roots song(s) of the Day:

If you’ve never seen the classic documentary ‘The Kids are Alright,’ you owe it to yourself to carve out 2 hours and turn the volume up.  The Who filmed special live performances of both Who’s Next classics Baba O’Riley and Won’t Get Fooled Again at Shepperton film studios in front of a studio audience.  The DVD of the movie had exclusive camera angles for each member, and a dedicated track of John Entwistle’s amazing bass work on the song.  Someone made a great youtube video of all 4 camera angles, plus the actual one in the film and isolated Entwistle’s bass exclusively in the left track.

Bonus Live Footage:

One of their more famous gigs was their set at the 1970 Isle of Wight festival.  Enjoy the madness, chaos, and beauty of 4 people playing lead at the same time!

Shap’s Top 10 Who Tracks:

  • Substitute
  • The Kids are Alright
  • Baba O’Riley
  • Behind Blue Eyes
  • Won’t Get Fooled Again
  • Naked Eye
  • Cut My Hair
  • I’m One
  • Drowned (Pete solo acoustic is amazing)
  • Eminence Front

This list could go on for another 10 songs easy.  ‘Young Man Blues’ would’ve been on this list, but it’s a cover.

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