ROOTS with ROBB: Huey Lewis & the News!

ROOTS with ROBB: Huey Lewis & the News!

Huey Lewis and the News were one of the most fun sounding bands of the 80s.  Unlike others, they had the chops and the licks to back it up.  They’d been at it since the 70s, even transplanting to the UK for the British Pub scene.  That led some members to back Elvis Costello’s debut, while others backed Van Morrison, and Huey himself went on tour playing harmonica for Thin Lizzy!  I hope you enjoy this episode.  If you already heard it on air, fast forward to 7:47 for this week’s BONUS AUDIO CONTENT!

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Our Roots song(s) of the Day:

Bonus Live Footage:

Robb and I go into great detail on this week’s episode of the I Want a New Drug/Ghostbusters dilemma.  Here’s a great performance from the News doing the original song.

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