3rd year for Poco a Poco music fest

3rd year for Poco a Poco music fest

Professional opera singer Kate Tombaugh is in her hometown Streator this week leading another Poco a Poco music fest. Twenty-two high school age kids are getting a week of intense daily instruction from her and other music professionals.

The mini music academy won’t end until Saturday. But the students will perform for the public tomorrow night (Thursday, June 13) at 7pm at Park Presbyterian Church to show what they’ve learned. And performing publicly is part of the instruction.

Student Corinne Francis of Ottawa is passionate about music, even though she doesn’t want to make singing her career.

Joe Gilmore of Pontiac is impressed.

Poco a Poco brings in music instructors from Illinois and some nearby states.

Poca a Poco Choir Director Carlton Monroe talks about the program in this interview:

Kate Tombaugh instructs a class at Poco a Poco on June 11, 2019

The song Kate Tombaugh leads in this clip is about a choir preparing for a show–fitting for the students who will perform for the public later this week.

The 2019 Poco a Poco class and instructors