Deputy auditors still to be called deputy auditors

Deputy auditors still to be called deputy auditors

Two former deputy auditors accused of taking unearned overtime pay will still be called deputy auditors.

A motion to change what they’re called in charging documents was pulled by prosecutors.

Meanwhile Judge Cynthia Raccuglia ruled that a statement Tori Artman made to her AFSCME union rep. can be used in court.
Artman’s lawyer wanted it blocked because he says it was a private conversation.

Judge Raccuglia said it wasn’t private because Artman presumably gave the AFSCME Rep permission to relay what was discussed to the State’s Attorney’s Office.

Trial for Artman and her former co-worker Pamela Wright did get pushed back due to a scheduling conflict.

Both are now scheduled for August.

Auditor Jody Wilkinson was found not guilty last week of helping the two steal unearned overtime pay.