St. Sen. Sue Rezin running for Congress

St. Sen. Sue Rezin running for Congress

Morris State Senator Sue Rezin is running for Congress in 2020 in the 14th Illinois District that covers a northeastern swath of the State from north of Morris all the way to the Wisconsin border.

She’s the sixth Republican to join the race after filing her campaign paperwork on Tuesday.

If Rezin wins in the primary she’ll face Democrat incumbent Lauren Underwood.

Rezin says she can do her job as State Senator of the 38th Illinois State Senate District and run her campaign.

She currently lives in Morris which is outside of the 14th District, but says she already represents thousands of voters who live in portions of the district that overlap with her State Senate district.

Rezin wants to prioritize lowering the cost of prescription drugs, end what she calls a left-wing attempt to end private health insurance, and securing the southern border.