NOTHING BUT 90’S: August 5th – 9th Playlist

NOTHING BUT 90’S: August 5th – 9th Playlist

Monday, August 5th  sponsored by Marseilles Sheet Metal

  • Vasoline – Stone Temple Pilots
  • Vision of Love – Mariah Carey (debut single hit #1 on this date in 1990)
  • Fantastic Voyage – Coolio
  • You Get What you Give – New Radicals
  • Adam’s Song – Blink 182 ^^
  • Sure Shot – Beastie Boys (Adam ‘MCA’ Yauch would’ve been 55 today)
  • I Love You Always Forever – Donna Lewis
  • Men in Black – Will Smith
  • Hold My Hand – Hootie & the Blowfish
  • Quit Playing Games (With My Heart) – Backstreet Boys
  • Hard to Handle – Black Crowes
  • I’ll Stick Around – Foo Fighters (Pat Smear’s 60th Birthday)
  • Peaches – Presidents of the USA
  • I’ll Never Let You Go – Steelheart

^^ Blink-182 was scheduled to play a show in El Paso on Saturday and cancelled after the tragedy happened earlier that morning.  The band was actually placed on lockdown in the hotel which was near the shooting.

Tuesday, August 6th  sponsored by All About Personnel

  • Jump Around – House of Pain
  • Wonderwall – Oasis
  • Schimmer – Fuel
  • Vogue – Madonna
  • Boombastic – Shaggy^^
  • Spice Up Your Life – Spice Girls (Ginger Spice Geri Halliwell turned 47 today)
  • Self Esteem – The Offspring
  • All Star – Smash Mouth (from the 1999 flop Mystery Men.  Check out all these other flops from 1999!)
  • Rocket – Smashing Pumpkins
  • Man in the Box – Alice in Chains
  • Mable – Goldfinger ++
  • Stay – Lisa Loeb & Nine Stories (#1 on this date in 1994.  Thanks to Ethan Hawke for getting this song in Reality Bites)
  • Round Here – Counting Crows

^^Shaggy is going to play Sebastian the Crab in a LIVE TV musical of ‘The Little Mermaid.’  Can’t you hear him singing this song?

++ And I’ve always loved this song.  Reminds me of Warped Tour ’96.

Wednesday, August 7th  sponsored by Rosati’s Pizza of Mendota

  • Little Black Backpack – Stroke 9
  • Walking in Memphis – Marc Cohn (was shot in the head on this date in 2005 and live to tell about it.)
  • The Thunder Rolls – Garth Brooks (played a free concert in Central Park in NYC on this date in 1997 and was broadcast on HBO)
  • Santa Monica – Everclear (see them for FREE Saturday at the new 350 Brewing Sound Stage inside the Tinley Park Convention Center)
  • Smells Like Teen Spirit – Nirvana
  • Wherever I May Roam – Metallica
  • Ice Ice Baby – Vanilla Ice
  • I Wanna Be Rich – Calloway
  • I Adore Mi Amor – Color Me Badd ^^
  • Creep – TLC
  • Say it Ain’t So – Weezer
  • In the Meantime – Spacehog (used as the last song to the end of Season 1 of the great Netflix show Everything Sucks.  Too bad it didn’t get renewed.  But still worth the watch!)

In their brief moments of success Color Me Badd appeared on an episode of Beverly Hills 90210 to get some burgers from the Peach Pit!  They weren’t the worst actors on the set.  Tori Spelling gets that distinction.  The ‘show-within-a-show’ attempt at a BH90210 reboot starts tonight on Fox and is getting good reviews.


Thursday, August 8th sponsored by Electronics Junkyard

  • Rhythm is a Dancer – Snap!
  • Who’s Gonna Ride Your Wild Horses – U2 (The Edge is 58!)
  • Inside Out – Eve 6
  • Unskinny Bop – Poison – (drummer Rikki Rocket is 58!)
  • Higher – Creed – (Scott Stapp is 46!)
  • Don’t Cry – Guns n’ Roses ^^
  • Get Up (Before the Night is Over) – Technotronic
  • I Want You Back – ‘N Sync (JC Chasez is 43)
  • Because of You – 98 Degrees (Drew Lachey is 43)
  • Love Rollercoaster – Red Hot Chili Peppers
  • Spoonman – Soundgarden
  • Heaven 90210 – Urge Overkill  (the new BH90210 wasn’t too bad!)
  • Interstate Love Song – Stone Temple Pilots

^^ on this date in 1992, a riot broke out after the early ending of the GnR/Metallica tour in Montreal.  Metallica had to cut their set short because frontman, James Hetfield was burned by pyro.

And then GnR came out to perform.  Here’s Metallica on what happened.

That Behind the Music was from 1998.  At that point, Guns n Roses were basically non-existent.  It took them really until the reunion in 2015 to get back to where they were before this incident.  Everyone that has seen the reunion tour said the show is excellent.

One more video on the GnR/Metallica tour.  Here’s Axl from a show in northern California in 1993 talking about natives Metallica.  If you wonder why the band dissolved at their height, here’s what the rest of the band was dealing with.  (NSFW language ahead).  And I’m not saying Axl isn’t telling the truth in this clip.  Metallica aren’t squeaky clean, but to get on stage and say this, probably not the smartest thing he’s ever done.

On the same exact date as the riot in Montreal, the USA ‘Dream Team,’ the best basketball team ever assembled, won the gold medal in Barcelona.  If you haven’t seen it yet, this is a great documentary.



Friday, August 9th sponsored by Norway Kennels Dog & Cat Boarding

  • I Have Nothing – Whitney Houston (she would’ve been 56 today)
  • Just the Way it Is Baby – Rembrandts
  • Better Days (And the Bottom Drops…) – Citizen King
  • Poison – Bell Biv Devoe (‘Biv’ Michael Bivens is 51)
  • Don’t Look Back in Anger – Oasis ^^
  • Wynonna’s Big Brown Bever – Primus **
  • Can’t Wait One Minute More – CIV
  • On Bended Knee – Boyz II Men
  • What Do I Have to Do – Stabbing Westward
  • Battleflag – Lo Fidelity Allstars
  • I’ll Be Missing You – Puff Daddy
  • Two Steps Behind – Def Leppard
  • No Surprises – Radiohead


** One of the best videos ever??

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