Former Deputy Auditor cleared of overtime pay theft charges

Former Deputy Auditor cleared of overtime pay theft charges

A jury on Wednesday found former LaSalle County Deputy Auditor Tori Artman, of Mendota, not guilty of stealing unearned overtime pay in 2016 and 2017.

It took the jury three hours to decide after just one full day of testimony on Tuesday that included Artman telling her version of events.

She’s pleased with the verdict.

She testified on Tuesday that she was unaware that unearned overtime pay was being added to her paychecks and said when she found out she tried to take action to fix it.

Artman wouldn’t say if she plans on trying to get her job in the Auditor’s Office back.

Tori Artman leaves the courtroom after being found not guilty of charges that she stole unearned overtime pay.

LaSalle County State’s Attorney Karen Donnelly had no comment.

Prosecutors argued that Artman knew about the unearned overtime and was in on the scheme with Auditor Jody Wilkinson.

Wilkinson was acquitted of similar charges in June.

Artman’s former co-worker Pamela Wright is set to go to trial later this month. She has the same lawyer as Artman.