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Marquette Minute 9/27/2019

The Marquette Homecoming Court members on WCMY Radio: Queen-Chloe Garvey, King-Gabe Amicon. Senior Attendants-Justis Stanley & Sophie Leskanich. Junior Attendants-Maddie Snook, Alexia Solis, & Addie McConnaughhay. Sophomore Attendants-Sarbina Bottoms & Maddy Howard(not present). Freshman Attendants-Eva McCallum, Lindsey Kaufman.  Read more »

Reddick Mansion Fall Activities

Lorraine McCallister, President of the Reddick Mansion Association, talks about the on-going restoration project and upcoming fall activities such as Homecoming pictures, painting parties, and the annual Ghosts of Ottawa’s Past program.    Read more »

Marquette Minute 9/13/2019

Marquette Academy Elementary School Girls Softball team are starting post-season play with the Regional Tournament. Alyssa Zellers, Keely Nelson, Payten Anderson, Lilliana Bernibe, Morgan Nelson, Avery Durdan, Katie Hardin, Mia Serna, Aubry Farrell, Nora Rinearson, Rylee Giffin, Makayla Backos, Grace Doce, Maura Condon, Maisie Lyons, Emma Rinearson, and Kealey Rick.Read more »

Marquette Minute 9/6/2019

The MA High School Cross Country team gets ready for “Twilight In The Woods” at Seneca. Appearing on WCMY Radio: Angelo Weyer (Senior), Lucas Hoffman (Junior), Kathryn Siena (Senior), Ben Weyer (Sophomore), Jesse Liao (Junior), and John Shen (Senior).    Read more »

PIB #4 9/5/2019

Meet more participants in the 11th annual Pirates Invade The Ballroom event at OHS to benefit the Ottawa High Booster Club: Competing couples – Seniors Alicia Graham & Jacob Krueger and Seniors Emily Walker andĀ Keegan NagleĀ  Ensemble couple – Juniors Cambri Horner and Zach Vogel.    Read more »

PIB #3 – Sept 3rd interview

Pirates Invade The Ballroom at OTHS on Saturday, September 7th, at 7:00 pm in the Auditorium includes these competing couples: Sophomores Molly Buscher and Luke Cushing, and Seniors Mandi Sommer and Jake Ovanic. And, competing in an Ensemble are Juniors Colette Methling and Austin Stanley.  Read more »

Bob Bruno “Project For Middle Class Renewal”

“First Monday” sponsored by Illinois Valley Labor Management featured on the 2019 Labor Day program a conversation Jay Le Seure had with Bob Bruno, Professor of Labor and Employment Relations, at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. He is also the Director of the Labor Education Program at the School of Labor and Employment Relations,…Read more »