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Hennepin Power Plant closing by the end of the year

Vistra Energy is closing four coal-fueled power plants in Illinois. The Hennepin Power Plant is among them. An announcement Wednesday says new rules put in place by the Illinois Pollution Control Board in part led to the decision to close the plants. However, the company says without the rule change its entire group of eight…Read more »

Ottawa High education fund deficit shrinks

Ottawa High School Supt. Mike Cushing says the budget for the next fiscal year looks a lot better than some budgets of the last several years. There’s still a deficit in the education fund, but it’s shrinking. It was $2.3 million two fiscal years ago, $1.3 million for the fiscal year that’s ending, and a…Read more »

Ottawa man to race 500 miles in Fiji for TV show

In two weeks, runner Coree Aussem-Woltering of Ottawa will be heading to Fiji for a race. It’ll be a 500-mile team trek, partly through desert and partly through jungle, unlike any race he’s ever run. But since the team did get in, Woltering’s getting ready to enjoy what he can of the tenth other country…Read more »

Only special prosecutor can appeal judge’s decision to drop charges against former State’s Attorney

A judge ruled Tuesday that special prosecutor Greg McClintock is the only one who can appeal an earlier decision to drop public funds misuse charges against former LaSalle County State’s Attorney Brian Towne. The charges were dropped after Towne’s speedy trial rights were violated. State’s Attorney Karen Donnelly wanted her office to handle the appeal…Read more »

Five veterans honored by Cong. Adam Kinzinger

Ottawa Air Force veteran Ed Stash was honored with a congressional proclamation Monday at Illinois Valley Community College. He experienced all of the ups and downs of military service over 30-years. Stash was one of five veterans from all over the 16th Congressional District who received commendations from Cong. Adam Kinzinger. Honorees are selected for…Read more »

Del Monte facility in Mendota may close

A public relations firm that represents Del Monte Foods says it will have an official statement in the next day or two about the Mendota food processing facility. It’s been there since 1949, but a report says the company will begin closing it soon for a complete shutdown next year. Mendota officials were just learning…Read more »

UPDATED: Man taken to hospital after ruckus in Spring Valley

A Spring Valley man who allegedly assaulted several people, including some police officers and someone he lives with Monday afternoon, is charged with aggravated battery and domestic battery. Police arrested 37-year old Jose Arteaga after that ruckus and took him to St. Margaret’s Hospital. Then he was taken to the Bureau County jail. Arteaga is…Read more »