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alice in chains

Shap in the Morning’s Roots with ROBB: Alice in Chains

The first of the big 4 of Grunge to achieve commercial success, Alice in Chains is a band of two sounds and two different eras.  The two sounds:  The Sludgy metal steeped in Black Sabbath (they have a song named ‘Sludge Factory’), and the acoustic side with more vocal contribution from Jerry Cantrell (featured prominently…read more »


ROOTS with ROBB: Fleetwood Mac’s RUMOURS

The first Thursday of the month is here and that brings roots of a classic album.  Rumours is one of the best selling albums of all time, and you can argue it’s the best breakup album ever (Go ahead debate amongst yourselves).  It’s the only album I can think of where two couples within the band are breaking…read more »


ROOTS with ROBB: Maroon 5

With the Big Game this weekend, we figured it was high time to do roots on the Halftime entertainment, Maroon 5.  Maroon 5 is a polarizing group.  They’re extremely popular, and extremely disliked, but I think the folks that dislike them would probably like them more if they listened to the right stuff by the…read more »

Pumpkins 300x300

ROOTS with ROBB: Smashing Pumpkins (aka Mr. Corgan’s Wild Ride)

Maybe Mr. Corgan’s wild ride isn’t the right aka.  Maybe Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Corgan is more appropriate since the band is really a tale of two different Pumpkins, the PRE- Mellon Collie, and what followed.  We heavily focused on the PRE, which is (in our opinion) the classic Pumpkins, and Billy Corgan (with an…read more »

snowman crop

Best version of Karma ever?

You’ve heard the adage before, you do something mean to someone, karma will come back to get you.  Well, this might be Karma’s finest Hour! Down in Kentucky the previous weekend, Cory Lutz, his fiancee and future sister-in-law made a GIANT snowman!  Based on the photos, I’m thinking it was around 10 feet high!  Then…read more »


Jon “Shap” Shapiro
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Shap has been a fixture on radio stations in Starved Rock Country since 2001 as a popular Air Personality and Commercial Production talent.

The Illinois Broadcasters Association has recognized his radio broadcasting work with two 1st Place awards for Best Humorous Commercial along with nominations for Personality of the Year and Best Use of New Media. He has also been honored by the Illinois Small Business Development Center at IVCC as one of the 40 under 40 Class of 2013.

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