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ROOTS with ROBB: Beck

If Bob Dylan and the Beastie Boys procreated, Beck would be their offspring.  He’s a modern-day chameleon, a David Bowie or Prince for Gen X and millennials.  He does what he wants and if you’re a fan of his, you’ll come along for the ride no matter what.  Ready for the journey?   Roots is co-hosted…read more »



Congrats to Travis Pouk from Streator!  He was the winning qualifier who gets to upgrade his Dad Dave’s chair for Father’s Day!   Thanks to everyone who texted in pictures and listened and got qualified.  And thanks to Furniture Sellers of Ottawa!  Keep listening for more great prizes and contests coming soon from 95-3 Jack-FM!   Chair Details:  A…read more »


ROOTS with ROBB: Heart

Heart is an interesting band to do a deep dive because they have a wonky history, and several iterations and sounds.  Technically, the Wilson sisters (Ann & Nancy) have been the only constant, but that’s not even true!  The band (in some variation of what would go on to be known as Heart) began in 1967. …read more »


ROOTS with ROBB: The Offspring

Punk Rock, probably more than any other genre of Rock is one where it’s ‘not cool’ to make it big, especially in the eyes of the fans.  But I’m sure it beats being a school janitor!  That’s the rags to riches story for Kevin ‘Noodles’ Wasserman, lead guitarist and ‘woah-oh’ ‘yea-ah yeaaa-ah’ backup singer of the…read more »


ROOTS with ROBB: Huey Lewis & the News!

Huey Lewis and the News were one of the most fun sounding bands of the 80s.  Unlike others, they had the chops and the licks to back it up.  They’d been at it since the 70s, even transplanting to the UK for the British Pub scene.  That led some members to back Elvis Costello’s debut,…read more »


Jon “Shap” Shapiro
Shap in the Morning

Shap has been a fixture on radio stations in Starved Rock Country since 2001 as a popular Air Personality and Commercial Production talent.

The Illinois Broadcasters Association has recognized his radio broadcasting work with two 1st Place awards for Best Humorous Commercial along with nominations for Personality of the Year and Best Use of New Media. He has also been honored by the Illinois Small Business Development Center at IVCC as one of the 40 under 40 Class of 2013.

Listen to Shap in the Morning weekdays from 5:30-9am on 95.3 JackFM.

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