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Say Hello to the ‘Sidewalk Urinal!’

Now in Paris, men can just whip it out and go in public!  Apparently, there’s a big problem in Paris of men just going on the side of buildings, so now they’re encouraging men to use these Sidwalk Urinals instead, and putting them out in the open in some fairly popular places!  One is close…read more »

Raw Chicken Teddy

The Creepiest Thing You’ll See Online Today… Raw Chicken Teddy!

I have no clue what would possess you to come up with this idea….voodoo?  I mean, she is from Louisiana. A woman named Maggie in Metairie, Louisiana, is selling teddy bears made out of RAW CHICKEN on Facebook. She literally stitches together raw chicken parts in the shape of a teddy bear . . .…read more »


Shap NERDS out with Pearl Jam Tribute-Chicago!

Ottawa Riverfest talk has dominated the show this past week with Jack-FM Night coming up (8/4).  One of the bands playing is Pearl Jam Tribute Chicago!  Being the card-carrying TenClub member that I am, it was cool to chat with fellow Pearl Jammers and nerd out a bit!  Who’s the best PJ drummer?  Pearl Jam…read more »

Art Alexakis

ART ALEXAKIS from Everclear joins Shap in the Morning

I’ve been doing radio professionally for close to twenty years.  I’ve had the chance to meet some cool people, interview some great musicians and athletes, but this interview was different.  Maybe it was because I was a fan of the band, because Sparkle and Fade was a big part of Senior year of High School (you’ll…read more »


NICKELVANA! The best trolling music story ever!

How many people do you know that like both Nirvana and Nickelback?  I know a few, but not many.  Nirvana is highly recognized as one of the most influential bands in the last 30 years.  Nickelback…not so much.  They’re commonly the butt of jokes and made fun of by us snobby, ‘the bands I like…read more »


Jon “Shap” Shapiro
Shap in the Morning

Shap has been a fixture on radio stations in Starved Rock Country since 2001 as a popular Air Personality and Commercial Production talent.

The Illinois Broadcasters Association has recognized his radio broadcasting work with two 1st Place awards for Best Humorous Commercial along with nominations for Personality of the Year and Best Use of New Media. He has also been honored by the Illinois Small Business Development Center at IVCC as one of the 40 under 40 Class of 2013.

Listen to Shap in the Morning weekdays from 5:30-9am on 95.3 JackFM.

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