Senate candidate Peggy Hubbard visits LaSalle County

Senate candidate Peggy Hubbard visits LaSalle County

U.S. Senate candidate Peggy Hubbard of Belleville says she became a Republican after noticing inner city decay, especially after the Ferguson, Missouri riots. She doesn’t think Michael Brown deserved to be defended for reaching into a squad car and trying to disarm a police officer, and she doesn’t like the way Pres. Obama reacted to the face-off between police and protesters there.

Hubbard isn’t completely against raising minimum wage. She says if it must go up, the smallest employers should get an exemption. She says if you want to earn more money, you need to learn more skills or a trade.

Hubbard is a former IRS employee. In a talk with WCMY News Saturday, she described a complicated crossing of Pres. Obama’s health care law and the tax code. Hubbard says people who take the subsidies without being aware that they weren’t eligible end up owing big penalties. She doesn’t think the tax code can be straightened out right now, because it’ll take Democrats and Republicans working together.

Hubbard was in the area for the LaSalle County Republican Party Dinner Saturday night. In her interview with WCMY she spoke about surprising people who don’t expect a black woman to be a Republican, fighting her way out of an abortion clinic when she changed her mind about ending a pregnancy, the riots in Ferguson, Missouri, and corrupt city governments in Illinois.

Hubbard plans to run against incumbent Democrat Dick Durbin next year.