Sandwich City Council to select next mayor

Sandwich City Council to select next mayor

The Sandwich City Council could pick a new mayor as early as next week.

Mayor Rick Olson resigned earlier this week after being named in a LaSalle County Prostitution sting last week.

City Clerk Denise Ii says it’s up to the city council to select someone to fill the remaining two years of Olson’s term. That person does not need to be on the city council.

If the council decides to go with one of the aldermen, it will be up to that person on whether they also step down from their alderman position.

In that case, they wouldn’t be able to vote to break a tie as mayor.

If an alderman is selected and resigns, the council will need to fill that seat as well.

All appointees will need a majority vote to be approved.

Sandwich is divided into four wards with eight aldermen.