ROOTS with ROBB: Tears for Fears

ROOTS with ROBB: Tears for Fears

If you only know Tears for Fears for ‘Shout,’ ‘Head over Heels,’ or that song that used to be on Dennis Miller’s show on HBO, do yourself a favor and go back and listen to The Hurting, and then follow it up with Songs from the Big Chair (you’ll hear the songs you know there).  I was in the ‘only know the hits’ category until this week’s roots.  I’m glad I’ve progressed to the next level of Tears for Fearsdom.  You can hear their influence on a lot of current music.  Heck, even Imagine Dragons did a cover of our song of the day.

Be sure to check out our BONUS CONTENT starting at 7:08 for some behind the scenes of us talking more about Tears for Fears and the ‘work’ we’ll have to do to prep for next week’s episode.

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Our Roots song of the Day:

Pay close attention to Curt Smith’s fantastically braided mullet stands, and Roland Orzabal’s ultimate white man dance.

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