Proposed law would allow sales of home-baked goods

Proposed law would allow sales of home-baked goods


Home bakers could start selling their products if the LaSalle County Board approves the “cupcake law.”

Chris Pozzi, Environmental Health Division Director of the LaSalle County Health Department, described the law to the County Board Thursday. Baked goods that would be allowed include breads, cookies, cakes, pies, and pastries that do not require refrigeration.

If passed, the law would allow bakers to produce baked goods without permits or inspection, but the LaSalle County Health Department could inspect if there was a complaint or disease outbreak.

Bakers would still need to follow some requirements, however. Baked goods would be stored at the home and sold directly to consumers by the baker or family members. Goods would need to be labeled for allergens and show it was produced in a home kitchen.

The County Board will vote on the proposed law next month.

This does not impact cottage food laws that allow farmers to can and produce food for farmer’s markets.

Bake sales by religious, charitable, or nonprofit organizations are exempt from any regulation.