Cusick murder trial still on schedule

Cusick murder trial still on schedule

LaSalle County State’s Attorney Karen Donnelly will be allowed to bring up a coroner’s report that suggests that Tracy Cusick was intentionally killed in the upcoming murder trial of 52-year-old Ken Cusick, of Ottawa.

However, Judge Cynthia Raccuglia ruled on Thursday that the report can only be brought up if Cusick’s lawyer, Ryan Hamer, brings up Donnelly’s campaign promises.

Raccuglia says Donnelly can talk about how she used the report as her rationale for making the camping promises to try Ken Cusick.

Hamer says the campaign promises show undue bias against his client.

Raccuglia also ruled again that prosecutors can bring up a 2004 domestic incident between Ken and Tracy Cusick that didn’t lead to any charges.

Raccuglia agreed to allow several autopsy photos be admitted as evidence for forensic pathologists on both sides to discuss during the trial coming up next month.