Jury selection underway in toilet bowl drowning trial

Jury selection underway in toilet bowl drowning trial

Potential jurors are facing questioning in the murder trial of 52-year-old Ken Cusick of Ottawa.

Cusick’s lawyer Ryan Hamer is asking potential jurors if they have a problem disagreeing with expert witnesses or returning a not-guilty verdict. He also wants to know if potential jurors understand that the state needs to meet the highest burden of proof to convict his client.

Meanwhile prosecutors are asking potential jurors if have they plumbing experience or if they have any problems with law enforcement.

Potential jurors have been dismissed for already having an opinion on the case and having connections to witnesses, the state’s attorney’s office, or to people directly involved in the trial.

The day started with 66 potential jurors. There will be twelve seated plus a few alternates.

Ken Cusick is accused of drowning his wife Tracy in a toilet bowl back in 2006.