Oglesby Chief of Police replaced

Oglesby Chief of Police replaced

Oglesby Police Chief Jim Knoblauch has been replaced.

Mayor Dominic Rivara confirmed Thursday that Knoblauch’s employment as chief was terminated by Public Health and Safety Commissioner Jim Cullinan.

Rivara says he’s disappointed in the decision to fire Knoblauch and called it unjust and undignified.

Sgt. Michael Padilla

Cullinan said in a press release that he’s appointing Sgt. Michael Padilla as chief. He says Knoblauch has been extended an offer to stay on in the police dept. as a lower rank.

He thanked Knoblauch for his service.

Knoblauch has been a police officer for thirty years. He’s been Chief of Police at Oglesby for ten.

WCMY News has asked Knoblauch for comment.