Expert says ransomware attacks ‘spray and pray’ in nature

Expert says ransomware attacks ‘spray and pray’ in nature

A cyber-security expert says hackers are looking for any chance they can find to break into a network.

Threat Analyst Brett Callow is with the anti-virus software company Emsisoft.

He says ransomware attacks, that encrypt a victim’s data unless a ransom is paid, are usually attacks of opportunity. The LaSalle County Government has been dealing with such an attack for over two weeks.

Callow says his company can counter some attacks and get people’s data back, but not all.

Emsisoft has said it can deal with the specific software said to be causing LaSalle County’s problems.

To avoid being a victim of a ransomware attack, Callow recommends not clicking on any unexpected email attachments, not using pirated software, and keeping computer operating systems up-to-date.