ROOTS with ROBB:  Dire Straits

ROOTS with ROBB: Dire Straits

We continue to practice social distancing this week as I’ve been doing the show every weekday morning from home.  So thanks to ZOOM (is everyone in the world using Zoom right now?) Robb and I were able to chat about Dire Straits…aka, Mark Knopfler.  That’s not a knock on the band.  Well maybe it’s a knock on Mark himself.  It’s a tale too common in Rock and Roll, where one main driving force pushing for perfection or wanting it to sound this way and this way only pushes out the other members of the band, including his brother.  Despite that, Mark is a phenomenal guitarist and songwriter, and Dire Straits is a solid band with some great songs.

In light of the world’s fight against Corona Virus, we start this episode talking about Insurance in the time of Corona Virus. Roots starts at 3:30. Bonus Content starts at 9:36

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Our Roots song of the Day:

This classic video has everything!  A Jumbo-sized 80s drum kit!   A barefoot guitarist wearing a scarf!  Boot shaking!  Headbands!  Mullets!  Cheerleaders!  Bolo Ties!  Harold Baines, Larry Bird & Michael Jordan!   And a Gorilla!

Bonus Content:  

1 word description of this performance from 1983, WOW!  And why does the rhythm guitarist look like he just got done doing a 20 minute workout?  And Terry Williams is great behind the kit here too.

Next episode:  classic album, Temple of the Dog!

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