Ottawa mayor’s family has coronavirus exposure

Ottawa mayor’s family has coronavirus exposure

Ottawa Mayor Dan Aussem says several people in his family have been sickened or tested positive for the COVID-19 virus after a wedding they attended out of town. He says everyone with symptoms has mild ones. And everyone is quarantining according to the LaSalle County Health Department and CDC guidelines. His statement issued this afternoon is below.

August 8, 2020

To all city employees and citizens of Ottawa:

Last weekend my family attended an out of town wedding. Many precautions were taken to try to minimize risks of spreading the COVID-19 virus while celebrating a special family day including an outdoor ceremony.

Despite these precautions, within a few days following the wedding several attendees including some of my immediate family had symptoms and/or tested positive for COVID-19. All have mild symptoms and appear to be getting better, thankfully.

We are all carefully following the LaSalle County Health Department and CDC quarantine guidelines and are all staying quarantined to be sure no one else has symptoms. We have also notified those who were potentially exposed so they may do the same.

Due to privacy issues I am not aware of how many people at the wedding were potentially infected nor where the spread originated from.

I share this information in order to set the record straight and also so you can consider this lesson we have learned when considering your own social events as we continue to navigate COVID-19

Please stay safe and cautious!

Daniel F. Aussem