ROOTS with ROBB: Sheryl Crow

ROOTS with ROBB: Sheryl Crow

A full month of female artists continues with Sheryl Crow, an accomplished songwriter and musician who’s story eschews similar to a few other female artists we’ve done already.  At the start of her career, the music industry tried to pigeon-hole her into ‘pop singer’ like a Mariah Carey, because, ‘that’s what girls should do in music.’  That wasn’t Sheryl, who fought to not allow the label to release her first album and won.  Ironically, once she DID release her eventual debut album (Tuesday Night Music Club) her label still tried to pigeon-hole her…this time into Alternative Rock.  Back in the the late 90s, it wasn’t uncommon to see Sheryl Crow on a Festival bill with Limp Bizkit and Korn….yeah, that doesn’t work…even in the 90s.  Enjoy today’s roots.

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Check out Sheryl Crow’s duet with Michael Jackson from the ‘Bad’ tour in 1988!

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