ROOTS with ROBB: Stevie Ray Vaughan

ROOTS with ROBB: Stevie Ray Vaughan

SRV might have been the greatest blues guitarist the world has ever seen.  Just like with any music, what is great in your mind, might not be so great in someone else’s.  But if you find someone who thinks Stevie Ray Vaughan is over-rated, let me know.  I haven’t found that soul yet.  The pure emotion that comes out of his hands, fingers, face and body when he plays is pure magic.  Sure, he did his homework and studied up on the legends, but most of what he did, can’t be taught.  He just had IT.  There’s a fun Bonus Content chat about the term ‘face-melting’ that starts at 10:28.

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Bonus Content:  

More live ‘face-melting’ from SRV!

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