Building inspection fees to go up in rural LaSalle County

Building inspection fees to go up in rural LaSalle County

The Safe Built company’s building inspection fee hike has some LaSalle County Board members thinking the county should stop contracting the service out. Streator City Hall is looking into that, but a majority of County Board members yesterday voted to stay with Safe Built.

Builders will pay the 25% higher fees. County Board member Brian Dose says contracting for the service may be expensive, but it would cost more for the county to hire its own inspectors. Board member Allen Erbrederis of Somonauk says hiring inspectors directly might involve part timers and less service.

Member Jerry Myers of Streator says inspections are worth having.

Board member Russell Boe of Wedron thinks the company that handles the work wants too much of a jump.

Board member Arratta Znaniecki objected Monday.

Environmental Services and Land Use Director Brian Gift says the fee for a one-story, 2,140 square foot home with a garage will increase from $1,521 to $1,899. For a two-story, 3,394 square foot home with a garage, the increase will be from $2,065 to $2,581.

Before the 25% deal approved Monday, the Safe Built company had sent the county a letter ending the contract altogether because it wasn’t making enough to cover costs.