ROOTS with ROBB: All-American Rejects

ROOTS with ROBB: All-American Rejects

Between the Gravy and Stuffing, we took a dive into ‘Emo Pop,’ and one of the most successful bands of the genre is the All-American Rejects.  Between 2000-2010 it was easier to hear them on the radio than to avoid them.  And there’s good reason their songs were played so often, they’re catch as hell.  They have a ton of pop-sensibilities!  Here’s what we found on our deep dive into AAR, plus a GREAT chat in Bonus Content on the term ‘Emo-Pop’ and ‘Emo-Pop/Punk.’  BONUS starts at 8:42.

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Our Roots Song of the Day:

Bonus Content:  

If you listen to the full episode with Bonus Content and our discussion on the term Emo and some of the examples we mentioned…well this kind of proves it.  Especially with their choice of covers. NSFW or small kids.  Tyson is definitely drunk and cusses a lot.  Just a heads up.

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