Adopt an Acre

Download the final Adopt an Acre report below:

adopt an acre 2020 final

Adopt an Acre Updates

Beutke Farm clip

October 5 Update

Bob started on the Adopt-An-Acre cornfield, but the moisture was a little high….

Adopt-An-Acre Corn Field Drone Flight

Many thanks to Lukach Seed Agency for the drone flight over the Adopt-An-Acre corn field. The flight was on 8/20/2020 soon after the derecho.

Beutke Farm clip

August 3rd Update

Josh Rhodes fills in for Bob with the first update in August.


July 20 Update

Josh Rhodes fills in for Bob with a report on a healthy rain for the crops.


Spray Corn 20

Update June 29 2020

Side dressing of corn is done. Nice rains – over 2 inches – in the last week. Crops are happy and green.


June 16 Update

The beans are planted, the corn is up. Side dressing is next. Now for some rain!


AdoptAnAcrelogo clip

June 8 Update



June 1st Update

The corn is planted in Fall River Township.

May 26 Update

More rain on the not-planted-yet Adopt-An-Acre fields.



May 18th Update


AdoptAnAcrelogo clip

Week 3 Update May 12


Week 2 – May 4 Update

Getting fieldwork wrapped up in preparation for planting.


Season 11 is underway

The 11th Season of Adopt-An-Acre in conjunction with LaSalle County Farm Bureau has started led by Bob Beutke, operator of Beutke Farms south of Grand Ridge.

An acre of corn and an acre of beans is grown on the Thorson Farm in Fall River Township with weekly updates on Monday morning at 6:50 with Bob and Jay LeSeure.  The fields are on both sides of Friendship Village Road east of Fall River Township Hall; look for the signs along the roadway.

Watch this page for the 2020 budget and the weekly conversations of Bob & Jay. Thanks to the sponsors returning for this 11th season: the Cantlin Law Firm, Grainco FS, and First National Bank of Ottawa.