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Run DMC were the Kings of a new kind of Rock in the mid-80s.  Their influential raps & Jam Master Jay’s sparse beats revolutionized Hip-Hop and help set the scene in motion for what was to come.  And almost as fast as their start shot up, the fizzled out as new MCs, sounds and styles…Read more »

ROOTS with ROBB: Linkin Park!

We close out Roots for the year with the biggest rock band of the 2000s (and it’s not even close), Linkin Park.  LP shot onto the scene in 2000/01 with Hybrid Theory and saw immediate success with over 12 million copies sold here in the states alone.  But if all you know of all Linkin Park…Read more »


Today’s episode of Roots (a day late) can be summed up with a line from the very end of Bonus Content.  ‘We need more John Lennons in the world.’  Do we ever.  There’s a reason he was the voice of his generation, and frankly, there hasn’t been a voice that has cut through the clutter like…Read more »

ROOTS with ROBB Classic Album: BOSTON!

Boston’s debut album is one of the biggest selling debut albums of all-time.  It helped redefine the sound of Rock and Roll on the Radio as you can trace a shift in dynamics from many bands who’d been trying to break through, bands who were good, but weren’t getting the attention the deserved.  Look at what bands…Read more »

ROOTS with ROBB: All-American Rejects

Between the Gravy and Stuffing, we took a dive into ‘Emo Pop,’ and one of the most successful bands of the genre is the All-American Rejects.  Between 2000-2010 it was easier to hear them on the radio than to avoid them.  And there’s good reason their songs were played so often, they’re catch as hell. …Read more »

ROOTS with ROBB: Blind Melon

This week’s Roots is on Blind Melon, a band that could’ve been a lot bigger than they were.  But their story came to an all-too-common ending cut short by tragedy and the death of their gift lead singer with a very unique voice, Shannon Hoon.  The band tried to carry on without him, but it…Read more »


If all you know of DEVO is ‘Whip It,’ after you listen to this week’s show and consume all the goodies below, I hope you take some time and listen to some more DEVO (Are We Not Men, We are Devo, or Freedom of Choice would be good starting points)!  I knew a few more songs than…Read more »

ROOTS with ROBB: Lady Gaga!

Lady Gaga came on like a flash and burned bright with crazy costumes, red carpet moments and performance extravaganzas right out of the gate.  She had some really good pop songs too!  But the full album experience (at least to me) seemed to fall a little short.   Her vocals and live performances more than make…Read more »