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ROOTS with ROBB: Lady Gaga!

Lady Gaga came on like a flash and burned bright with crazy costumes, red carpet moments and performance extravaganzas right out of the gate.  She had some really good pop songs too!  But the full album experience (at least to me) seemed to fall a little short.   Her vocals and live performances more than make…Read more »


What can be said about Ozzy that hasn’t already been said?  Apparently a lot!  This is one of our longest episodes of Roots (including the bonus content), and yes, I’m sure a lot of what we talk about has been covered before, but looking at Ozzy in the context of a Brand instead of an…Read more »


Eddie Van Halen changed popular music and the guitar.  He never learned how to read music.  He once told Rolling Stone, “I don’t know sh*t about scales or music theory.  All I know is that rock & roll guitar, like blues guitar, should be melody, speed, and taste, but more important, it should have emotion. I…Read more »

ROOTS with ROBB: Notorious B.I.G.

In all honesty, I’ve never been big into Hip-Hop and Rap.  Growing up, I was always a rock kid.  From my time working different radio formats, and DJing bars and weddings, I’ve grown an appreciate for good music, regardless of format and style.  Biggie Smalls is often referred as one of the all-time great MCs. …Read more »

ROOTS with ROBB: Stevie Ray Vaughan

SRV might have been the greatest blues guitarist the world has ever seen.  Just like with any music, what is great in your mind, might not be so great in someone else’s.  But if you find someone who thinks Stevie Ray Vaughan is over-rated, let me know.  I haven’t found that soul yet.  The pure emotion…Read more »

ROOTS with ROBB Classic Album: CSN&Y Deja Vu

Supergroup month was a few months back, and somehow we left arguably the biggest Supergroup off the schedule.  So we made up for that by going over the ‘roots’ of their 2nd album Deja Vu. Technically, would it be their first album?  I mean, Neil Young wasn’t on their debut…so it was technically a different band?  Enough…Read more »

ROOTS with ROBB: No Doubt

We wrap up female artists month with No Doubt.  Ok yeah, there’s only 1 girl and the rest guys, but Gwen Stefani has been the focal point of this band since 1995.  Notice I say since ’95 because before Tragic Kingdom, the band’s focal point was probably Gwen’s older brother, Eric.  It’s almost like there have…Read more »

ROOTS with ROBB: Sheryl Crow

A full month of female artists continues with Sheryl Crow, an accomplished songwriter and musician who’s story eschews similar to a few other female artists we’ve done already.  At the start of her career, the music industry tried to pigeon-hole her into ‘pop singer’ like a Mariah Carey, because, ‘that’s what girls should do in…Read more »

ROOTS with ROBB: Joan Jett

We continue a month of female artists with Joan Jett, the Godmother of Punk, but is she really?  While going through her catalog this past week, I was amazed at how little ‘Punk Rock’ I actually heard.  But then again, my idea of punk music is my opinion, and so is the meaning of Punk Rock. …Read more »