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Think food safety at every step of the Thanksgiving meal

Whatever method you use to thaw a turkey for the big feast, be sure to do it safely. Jenny Barrie at the LaSalle County Health Department says unsafe thawing can lead to food poisoning. And of course, some methods take more time. Be sure the turkey is cooked to 165 degrees throughout. Wash hands, utensils,…Read more »

Unemployment rates approaching pre-pandemic levels

Unemployment levels in the area are getting closer to what they were before the pandemic. The Illinois Department of Employment Security says 5.1% of LaSalle County residents who wanted jobs in October didn’t have them. The number is a big drop from 8.2% in September. It was 4.2% in October last year. Combining LaSalle, Bureau,…Read more »

Fatal coronavirus cases reach 125 in county

The number of people with active coronavirus cases in LaSalle continues to climb. The number as of Wednesday’s daily report is 2,475. The county’s health department says two more people died of the infection. They were a man and a woman in their 80s. That makes 125. So far, the county has had 5,820 known…Read more »

Fireworks will signal start of Ottawa Deck the Parks

Ottawa City Commissioner Marla Rodriguez says Ottawa’s “Deck the Parks” event will kick off Friday at 6pm. She says wherever you are in Ottawa at that time, look toward downtown. There’ll be a brief fireworks display. But she doesn’t want people gathering in a big crowd that could spread the coronavirus. Rodriguez says the lighted…Read more »

Sen. Rezin alarmed at veterans home developments

There are two things that came out of the Illinois Senate Veterans Affairs Committee hearing yesterday that stand out for Sen. Sue Rezin. She says it’s alarming and unacceptable that staff who tested positive for the virus were allowed to keep working. And she’s concerned about the Illinois Department of Public Health not visiting the…Read more »

Changes made at veterans home after COVID outbreak

The veterans home in LaSalle is getting a different brand of hand sanitizer to use in the fight against the coronavirus. The Illinois Department of Veterans Affairs says staff are being trained again on mask use and the process for screening employees for symptoms is being changed. Employees are given rapid antigen tests to find…Read more »