Radio Trader

Radio Trader can be heard on-air at 1430 AM and on-line at Monday – Friday from 11:45 am-Noon.

Submit your Trader Items directly by using the form at the bottom of this page or by email at:

Radio Trader Rules

  • Listeners who have items to buy, sell or trade, may participate by mail, hand-delivered or on the phone.
  • The station address is 216 W. Lafayette St., Ottawa, IL 61350
  • The on-air phone number is 815-433-1430.
  • Hand-delivered lists may be left at the front desk during regular business hours or in the mailbox during off-hours.
  • Mail or hand-delivered lists are guaranteed to be read on the day requested and will be announced during the first segment of the program.
  • Limit of 2 items to sell.
  • Each item must have a value: “Free” is considered a value. “Best offer” is not a value.
  • Limit of $500.00 value on each item.
  • Only one phone number for responses.

  • No farm or garden produce for sale.
  • No real estate for sale or apartments for rent, if you are the landlord.
  • No firearms.
  • No continuing services, such as babysitting, lawn mowing or small engine repair.
  • No animals or pets for sale or giveaway.
  • Garage and yard sales are accepted only by mail or hand-delivered and cost $5.00 cash payment each day prior to broadcast.
  • For all items over $500.00 value or any item or service restricted under the “free” use of the program, the cost is $10.00 cash payment per item for broadcast one time and are accepted in-person.
  • Due to the volume of calls and mail, each day’s items and phone numbers are not available after the end of the program.
  • WCMY reserves the right to edit mail or hand-delivered lists for clarity.
  • The format of the program: Each caller will be assigned a number beginning with “1” for the first caller of the day, followed by the items for sale, trade or wanted to buy, then the phone number for responses, followed by the program host repeating the phone number for confirmation.
  • Participating listeners to “Radio Trader” are encouraged to keep track of phone numbers by numbering the calls, writing down the phone number, and then circling those numbers with items of interest.
  • Trade items must be specific. “Trade for equal value” is not specific.

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