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soccer ball

New soccer league asking to use old Central School site

When the Ottawa Soccer League holds its first games in August, league president David VanWiggeren hopes they’ll be at the former Central School site. He says that land next to the Illinois River is flat and not used for much else right now. Some of the age groups would bring people from out of town…read more »

Exelon Generation logo

LaSalle Station Unit 2 is on again

The LaSalle Station Unit 2 nuclear reactor returned to full power over the weekend. Exelon Generation turned it off Tuesday afternoon so technicians could repair a water pump. After the work was done, the company turned the reactor on again Friday. It was back up to full power Saturday.read more »

Ottawa water tower by Naplate after the tornado

Water tank to be checked for tornado damage

Ottawa’s west side water tower appeared to stand strong after the tornado. City Commissioner Dan Aussem wants to make sure there’s no damage though. The city is hiring a company called Tank Industry Consultants to check it out. That water tower is next to the Pilkington North America glass factory. Although it looks like it’s…read more »

Midland Bank and Centrue Bank logos

Midland States now owns Centrue Bank

Twenty-two Centrue Bank locations are now owned by Midland States Bank. Shareholders of each bank approved the merger in votes Wednesday and Thursday. Midland States Corporate Counsel Doug Tucker says the deal was closed at the end of business Friday. It’ll take at least a couple months to switch everything at Centrue locations over to…read more »

Veterans Administration logo

V.A. looking to expand service for those far from hospitals

More relief could be coming to veterans who live far away from Veterans Administration hospitals and who have to wait for medical care. Hines V.A. Hospital Public Affairs Officer Rick Fox says not all veterans in places like LaSalle County get to choose another hospital when they’re told there’s a waiting list. Currently, there’s a…read more »

Rick Koshko

Rick Koshko

Rick Koshko lived the first half of his life in southern Illinois, then moved to Ottawa early in his broadcasting career. His first thoughts of broadcasting as a career occurred to him at age five–when it was bed time and he realized the guy on the radio didn’t have to go to bed yet. Some irony: for most of the time he’s worked in radio, Rick has had to get up very early in the morning to be on the air, sometimes in addition to being up late at night like he wanted.

Rick is a graduate of Southern Illinois University Edwardsville’s broadcasting program. He speaks Esperanto, likes astronomy (SkyCaramba), and makes a hobby of photography.

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