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woman's hands in handcuffs

LaSalle County jail inmate information easier to get

LaSalle County has started putting jail inmate information online. Instead of having to call to find out what someone’s bail is or their next court date, anyone interested can find out at inmatesearch.lasallecounty.org. Inmates’ families and crime victims have had to call the jail or others involved in the court system to find out such…read more »


Ottawa Cruise Night Friday

Downtown LaSalle Street will be closed Friday for the 19th Annual Ottawa Cruise night organized by the LaSalle County Cruisers. Cruise Night Coordinator Mike Dougherty expects some three to four-hundred vehicles downtown. The Cruise Night will also include a car-flamethrower demonstration at the corner of LaSalle and Jackson around eight. On Jefferson Street local non-profits…read more »

American flag

Ten flags presented for Flag Day ceremony in Ottawa

The history of various American flags used over the years was part of the presentation of ten flags at Flag Day ceremony in Ottawa Wednesday. Tony Epperson with the Elks Lodge explained several flags before the 13 stars and stripes. He continued through the current flag of 50 stars. There was not a disposal ceremony…read more »

Candellight in bulb base

Power outage shuts off elevator with person in it

A power outage caused some inconvenience on Ottawa’s north side and numerous other places in central LaSalle County last night. A person got stuck in an elevator at Hampton Inn when the outage happened. Ottawa fire fighters got the person out and closed the elevator again. Corn Belt Energy says an outage affected 496 of…read more »

Generic picture of someone's hand in a poker game

LaSalle County now licensing poker runs and raffles

Poker runs and raffles in rural LaSalle County are now subject to licensing. County Board Chairman Jerry Hicks says the county will charge $25 per license and keep records about what was raffled and how much revenue an organization got for it. Hicks says it’s something the state requires. Having a poker run or raffle without…read more »

Rick Koshko

Rick Koshko

Rick Koshko lived the first half of his life in southern Illinois, then moved to Ottawa early in his broadcasting career. His first thoughts of broadcasting as a career occurred to him at age five–when it was bed time and he realized the guy on the radio didn’t have to go to bed yet. Some irony: for most of the time he’s worked in radio, Rick has had to get up very early in the morning to be on the air, sometimes in addition to being up late at night like he wanted.

Rick is a graduate of Southern Illinois University Edwardsville’s broadcasting program. He speaks Esperanto, likes astronomy (SkyCaramba), and makes a hobby of photography.

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