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Traffic Stop Near LaSalle Leads to Big Marijuana Bust

Two California women are under arrest following a traffic stop that led to State Police troopers to find 39 pounds of Marijuana, 250 cannabis oil cartridges, and 8 sheets of cannabis wax. The arrest occurred on Illinois Route 351 near Interstate 80 Friday night after police stopped a 2017 Ford Fusion for not using a…read more »

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LaSalle County sued in federal court over SAFE unit stops

Two people claim in a federal court case that the LaSalle County SAFE–State’s Attorney Felony Enforcement—Unit stopped them on Interstate 80 just for having out-of-state license plates. For Alyssa Larson, a 2012 traffic stop allegedly ended abruptly with no charges once the lead police officer found out she trains police dogs for a living. Larson…read more »

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Busy season for PADS homeless shelters

The Illinois Valley PADS homeless shelters were packed at times last season. Executive Director Carol Alcorn says the shelters in Peru and Ottawa together served 357 people. PADS helps many people get career counseling so they can get out of the homeless shelter. For some people, the answer is a bus ticket to another area…read more »


Governor Rauner Calls for Special Session

GOP Governor Bruce Rauner is calling legislators to Springfield for special session beginning Wednesday to try to get a school funding bill in place before the start of school. Gov. Rauner wanted Senate Bill One on his desk so he could change it by Monday at noon. But lawmakers failed to deliver. Rauner says the…read more »

Sen. Dick Durbin

Sen. Durbin predicts cut to Medicaid would be disastrous

Sen. Dick Durbin says repealing Pres. Obama’s health care law and replacing it with a Republican proposal would be disastrous. The Illinois Democrat says it would make a massive cut to Medicaid funding. He says that would hurt seniors and families caring for elderly members. Durbin says he’d like to see the vote go through…read more »

Rick Koshko

Rick Koshko

Rick Koshko lived the first half of his life in southern Illinois, then moved to Ottawa early in his broadcasting career. His first thoughts of broadcasting as a career occurred to him at age five–when it was bed time and he realized the guy on the radio didn’t have to go to bed yet. Some irony: for most of the time he’s worked in radio, Rick has had to get up very early in the morning to be on the air, sometimes in addition to being up late at night like he wanted.

Rick is a graduate of Southern Illinois University Edwardsville’s broadcasting program. He speaks Esperanto, likes astronomy (SkyCaramba), and makes a hobby of photography.

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