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"Go Irish" spelled out on Seneca High School's fence

Track and field problems at Seneca High School

Some of the summer projects at Seneca High School are in the field. Supt. Jim Carlson says one of two problems in the track area has been fixed. It was a depression in the infield area. He doesn’t think that one’s serious. But there is a damaged drain tile in the long jump area. That…read more »

Male hand holds white empty card over gray wall background, close up photo with selective focus

Seneca High School getting new door lock system

The electronic key card system at Seneca High School is being upgraded. Supt. Jim Carlson says the old one is proprietary. So every time anything goes wrong with it, service and replacement parts have to come from the manufacturer. And that can be expensive. Carlson says the new system doesn’t have that limitation and is…read more »

Marseilles City Hall front

Marseilles Officials Accused of “Hostility” Towards Resident Over Freedom Fest Comments

After originally not saying which Marseilles city officials were allegedly “hostile” towards her after comments regarding the cancellation of Freedom Fest, Illinois River Area Chamber of Commerce employee Michelle Rieuf Klock has named Commissioners Jim Hollenbeck and Garry Lewey, and Police Chief Jim Hovious. Klock claims that city officials contacted her employer and accused her…read more »


Riverfest parade route a little different this year

Ottawa’s Riverfest parade route starts where it used to—at Boyce Memorial Dr. and Madison St. It will go east on Madison and turn north onto Fulton St. and then west onto Lafayette before ending at Rigden Park. City Commissioner Wayne Eichelkraut says it’s not going all the way to LaSalle St. like it usually would…read more »

Rick Koshko

Rick Koshko

Rick Koshko lived the first half of his life in southern Illinois, then moved to Ottawa early in his broadcasting career. His first thoughts of broadcasting as a career occurred to him at age five–when it was bed time and he realized the guy on the radio didn’t have to go to bed yet. Some irony: for most of the time he’s worked in radio, Rick has had to get up very early in the morning to be on the air, sometimes in addition to being up late at night like he wanted.

Rick is a graduate of Southern Illinois University Edwardsville’s broadcasting program. He speaks Esperanto, likes astronomy (SkyCaramba), and makes a hobby of photography.

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