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There’s an argument to be made (and in this episode, I in fact do) that Black Sabbath is right up there with the Beatles and Elvis for the biggest influence and impact on music in their wake.  Are there others that could be mentioned?  Absolutely.  But there’s no denying that Black Sabbath started Metal.  There…read more »



There are some artists/albums we do on Roots that I’m extremely familiar with the majority of their catalog.  Then there’s others that I’ve gained a greater appreciation, enjoyed the experience of diving in for the first time beyond their hits, heck even become a fan from doing Roots (Cheap Trick, The Cure).  This week is…read more »


ROOTS with ROBB: P!nk

We apparently don’t do enough of ‘current pop’ on this show.  But P!nk should suffice.  I’ll go on record (and I don’t think it’s much of a stretch) that she’s the best female pop star of the last 2 decades.  No one has had the track record she has with the ability to change up…read more »


ROOTS with ROBB: The Violent Femmes

The Violent Femmes are interesting band for Roots because they’re kind of on an island all to themselves.  Sure there’s Dylan influence and The Talking Heads, and other artists who have done similar things, but the Femmes just do it a bit differently, and it works.  Although after playing this week’s Roots song on the…read more »


ROOTS with ROBB: Blink-182

Some would argue (and it’s a pretty easy argument to make) that no band has had a bigger influence on the Pop/Punk sound of the 2000s and beyond like Blink-182.  Sure, there’s Green Day, and a ton of old school punk bands that kids are still influenced by, but the sound, style and content that Blink…read more »


Jon “Shap” Shapiro
Shap in the Morning

Shap has been a fixture on radio stations in Starved Rock Country since 2001 as a popular Air Personality and Commercial Production talent.

The Illinois Broadcasters Association has recognized his radio broadcasting work with two 1st Place awards for Best Humorous Commercial along with nominations for Personality of the Year and Best Use of New Media. He has also been honored by the Illinois Small Business Development Center at IVCC as one of the 40 under 40 Class of 2013.

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