What a Bunch of Shap


A Plunger is in the Oscar Nominee’s Gift Bag!

Nothing says congrats on being nominated like a Plunger with a Poop Emoji!  Yep, Bradley Cooper and Lady Gaga will each get one of these bad boys in their Goody Bag on Sunday!  But look at all these amazing features!  Oh…and it GLOWS IN THE DARK!  The Mister Poop Plunger, I’m sold.read more »

alice in chains

Shap in the Morning’s Roots with ROBB: Alice in Chains

The first of the big 4 of Grunge to achieve commercial success, Alice in Chains is a band of two sounds and two different eras.  The two sounds:  The Sludgy metal steeped in Black Sabbath (they have a song named ‘Sludge Factory’), and the acoustic side with more vocal contribution from Jerry Cantrell (featured prominently…read more »


Instead of a Christmas Tree, how about a Christmas Ladder??

Apparently, there’s a new trend out there (darn you hipsters and broke millennials) where instead of decorating a Christmas Tree, you decorate a Ladder?  Seriously!  It actually looks kind of cool.  If anything, it’s a good idea to have in the back of your head when Uncle Lewis burns down your family Christmas Tree on…read more »


NEW Stone Temple Pilots Single with NEW singer!

STP is back with a NEW singer,  former “X Factor” contestant Jeff Gutt.  Close your eyes and listen and you’ll think you’re hearing the late Scott Weiland.  Gutt beat out over 15,000 other singers vying for the slot.  They’ve already recorded a new album’s worth of material and hope to have it out in early 2018.  Stone Temple Pilots last album…read more »

thanksgiving pants

Special Thanksgiving stretchy dinner pants!

  Whoever is in charge of marketing at Stovetop is a flippin’ genius!  Stovetop is selling ‘Thanksgiving Dinner Pants’ complete with expandable waistline!  They look like maternity pants…which btw, this might be a cost-saving alternative to buying maternity pants, they’re only $20 and you can get them at the perfect website, ThanksgivingDinnerPants.com   They’re in the traditional…read more »


Jon “Shap” Shapiro
Shap in the Morning

Shap has been a fixture on radio stations in Starved Rock Country since 2001 as a popular Air Personality and Commercial Production talent.

The Illinois Broadcasters Association has recognized his radio broadcasting work with two 1st Place awards for Best Humorous Commercial along with nominations for Personality of the Year and Best Use of New Media. He has also been honored by the Illinois Small Business Development Center at IVCC as one of the 40 under 40 Class of 2013.

Listen to Shap in the Morning weekdays from 5:30-9am on 95.3 JackFM.

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